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              About Us

              Hard work

              ◆ China's fine character is hard-working. Hua Road Shi uphold national traditions, the hard work as the basic quality of staff. Diligent to make way, full of vigor and vitality.

              ▼ focus

              ◆ too many failures, due to "bother", playing "opportunistic". Focus, means perseverance, means the ability to resist temptation. Focus, in fact, is a great wisdom, in the difficult choice to adhere to, in the good grasp of the opportunity. Hua Road Shi first focus on their own industries, cultivate a perseverance, courage to the spirit.

              ▼ Professional

              ◆ excellent, from the professional. Chinese way brand by "professional" to build. Professional skills; professional services; professional management processes; professional team. Professional to make way to become a brand, so that enterprises become strong.

              ▼ Innovation

              ◆ "pioneers the first innovation to promote enterprise development, promote industry progress, promote social change, to promote the history of the wheel.Hua Tashi adhere to innovation, ignite the trend, so the industry leader in the development of" innovation "is the power source of the way The

              ▼ homeopathy

              ◆ conform to the laws of nature, conform to the historical trend. This is the summing up and knowledge of human civilization so far. Contrarian move, may be self-destruction, non-business. Homeopathic, homeopathy and big, it is to know the opportunity to grasp the wise man.

              Thick and thin

              ◆ "three years without Ming, blockbuster". Opportunities have always been favored by those who are well prepared, and success is always based on heavy roots. Hua Road Shi know this kind of quantitative change from qualitative to the moment, Accumulate, every stage debut are shining.