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              Ceiling System


              ▼ Huatu Shi to create the ceiling system products, today is still shine. From aluminum, steel to copper, from all kinds of strips, wide to grid, from arc, double to various custom ...


              The only limitation is your imagination.


              ▼ designer's ideas always continue to promote the progress of products in the way, Hua Road research and development, including color-resistant coating, curved metal ceiling and super-flat composite panels. Metal hanging


              Top of the surface treatment set of decorative and functional in one, Hunter's advanced roll coating


              ▼ and spray equipment can provide a free surface treatment program, combined with the system can also meet the insulation, sound absorption, antibacterial, fire and other functions, to achieve the perfect balance of decoration and function.


              Ceiling system gives customers the best comfort and functionality:


              ◆ economy: durable, and easy to install and disassemble, easy to routine maintenance


              ◆ environmental protection: no harmful substances on the environment, aluminum alloy material can be recycled


              ◆ design: regardless of color, shape or node design, all reflect the design of the degree of freedom and beauty


              ◆ Sound absorption: can be handled by perforation, with flame retardant sound control paper effectively control the noise