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              ▼ The set of system solutions

              Huatous products, after 13 years of development process, one of the precipitation and accumulation, the achievements of the way to the construction of decorative metal sheet metal product development, design, production, installation, maintenance package solution, as the industry only a handful of Of the research and development, production, sales and integration of enterprises.

              ▼ new concept of product division

              The upgrading of the industrial field, the traditional product division of the sticky old is outdated, the wall system, the ceiling system, the roof system to become a new category of industry products to create a new classification, more scientific and reasonable classification, help to provide customers with Sex, more comprehensive decorative material solutions, cooperation, more than supply.

              ▼ Innovative design

              Innovation is the long-term development strategy of the way, in the product of the serious homogenization of the moment, China Road Shi innovative research and development of products, used in the project, its excellent decorative effect, innovative design language, become a new landmark around.

              The solution